Brabant United (NED)

Brabant United is the collective youth academy of the Dutch professional football clubs RKC Waalwijk and FC Den Bosch. The teams of Brabant United play their home games at the stadiums of RKC Waalwijk and FC Den Bosch. RKC Waalwijk and FC Den Bosch play both currently in the Jupiler League, the 2nd level of the Netherlands. Most teams Brabant United play at the highest youth level in the Netherlands. This puts Brabant United until one of the best youth academies in the Netherlands. Brabant United U17 is playing in the Dutch Premier League U17.

Since June 2014, RKC Waalwijk and FC Den Bosch started the youth academy Brabant United. Remco Oversier (RKC Waalwijk) and Fred van der Hoorn (FC Den Bosch) are the Directors of Brabant United. The daily management is in the hands of Richard van der Lee and Arnold Scholten (Professional player at: FC Den Bosch, Ajax, Feyenoord and JEF United in Japan).

The club colors are red and white. In the logo the colors and square blocks will visualize the roots; province of North Brabant. Club mission: Talented youth soccer players provide the best training to be a professional football player.

Since Brabant United inception last year, now already 10 players from the youth academy moved on to the 1st team of RKC Waalwijk and 5 players into the 1st team of FC Den Bosch. Also trainers from the youth academy Erwin van Breugel (RKC Waalwijk) and Erik van der Ven (FC Den Bosch) are from the youth moved on as assistant coach of the 1st team. Our performance demonstrates that we are developing all academy people to professionals.

Internationally most famous players of RKC Waalwijk are: Giovanni van Bronckhorst (RKC Waalwijk, Feyenoord, Barcelona and now head coach Feyenoord), Marcel Brands (RKC Waalwijk, Feyenoord and now technical manager PSV), Thomas Vermaelen (RKC Waalwijk, AJAX, Arsenal, Barcelona ), Jan Vertonghen (RKC Waalwijk, AJAX, Tottenham Hotspur). And FC Den Bosch are internationally best known: Joszef Kiprich (FC Tatabanya, Feyenoord and FC Den Bosch), Arnold Scholten (youth exponent FC Den Bosch, AJAX, Feyenoord), Anthony Lurling (youth exponent FC Den Bosch Feyenoord, 1.FC Koln) and of course Ruud van Nistelrooy (youth exponent FC Den Bosch, SC Heerenveen, PSV, Real Madrid and Manchester United).

Burgt Van Der Siem
defender 2002-06-24

174cm/61kg/right footed

Burnet Djumaney
defender 2001-03-13

172cm/57kg/right footed

Dinther Van Marijn
goalkeeper 2000-02-26

180cm/77kg/right footed

Harmelen Van Koen
goalkeeper 2001-04-16

175cm/63kg/right footed

Hedel Van Jorn
left defender 2000-10-20

172cm/61kg/right footed

Helderton Felino
goalkeeper 2000-01-27

179cm/65kg/right footed

Honk Van Florens
right midfield. 2001-10-22

169cm/60kg/right footed

Kappen Roel
forward 2001-09-23

169cm/62kg/left footed

Kapteijn Tim
midfield. 2001-03-28

179cm/70kg/right footed

Keijser Youri
midfield. 2002-05-03

171cm/57kg/right footed

Klas Dhoraso Moreo
cent midfield. 2001-01-30

174cm/65kg/right footed

Kuijpers Roy
forward 2000-01-17

171cm/58kg/right footed

Langras Nigel
right defender 2001-01-13

170cm/63kg/right footed

Maas Stan
left defender 2001-02-14

174cm/48kg/left footed

Meerveld Ringo
midfield. 2002-12-21

174cm/65kg/right footed

Merbel Van De Pepijn
goalkeeper 2002-03-18

179cm/67kg/right footed

Mulders Rik
cent midfield. 2000-08-06

172cm/60kg/right footed

Noels Daniël
cent defender 2000-04-10

174cm/78kg/right footed

Rijn Van Jan
midfield. 2000-06-17

186cm/75kg/right footed

Roos Sven
forward 2002-01-23

176cm/63kg/right footed

Santana Shemar
forward 2000-05-13

161cm/50kg/right footed

Schmid Eliot
forward 2000-10-25

161cm/74kg/right footed

Spijkers Sam
cent midfield. 2001-12-21

170cm/54kg/right footed

Voets Robin
cent defender 2001-04-13

182cm/75kg/right footed

Wanrooij Van Chiel
left defender 2000-01-13

185cm/70kg/left footed

Yilmaz Ozancan
def midfield. 2000-01-19

175cm/73kg/right footed

Carel Van De Velden
assistant coach
Hoedemakers Robbie
Peters Edwin
head coach
Schuurmans Rico
team manager
Van De Ven Marc
assistant coach